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Did you know: Eating Raw Honey Seasonally Can Help with Allergies

28 August 2015 - Posted by Kathryn Kos under

Raw local honeyDid you know that consuming wild, raw, local honey may offer a gradual desensitization to your seasonal allergies?

Bees pick up the pollen from their environment. This is the same local pollen that may be contributing to your seasonal allergies. When you go to an allergy clinic and get multiple shots, you are actually slowly building up your tolerance to the specific allergens contained in the shot itself. Each time you visit, you are injected with more of the allergen. In some cases the allergy can be alleviated altogether, and you stop reacting to that specific allergen.

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Breathe Deeply With Magnesium

31 October 2012 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

How often is it that someone afflicted with asthma walks into their doctor and is told to supplement with magnesium? On an educated guess, I’d say not all too often. Just in my circle of friends and acquaintances, there are several people utilizing either steroid or albuterol medications for their asthma and who, until I mentioned something, had never heard word one of how magnesium may benefit their conditions.

This is both alarming as well as absurd amongst a population that is growing increasingly asthmatic. In 2009, statistics showed that 1 out of every 12 people in the U.S. had asthma, as opposed to 1 out of every 14 in 2001. That is an over 1% rise of asthma cases across our population – that’s a 5 million person spike in 8 years! That’s huge!

Despite this large chunk of our population fighting to breath, our medical system seems to be ignoring an essential nutrient that could potentially save lives if not provide for indescribably better quality of life for over 25 million people in the U.S. alone.

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5 Great Reasons For Parents to Swap Bubbles for Bath Flakes

27 April 2012 - Posted by Ashley under , , , , ,

For most parents, bath time accomplishes the functional task of getting a dirty child clean while at the same time providing aquatic entertainment… but what if it provided something much more valuable as well? That’s right, folks! Bath time is no longer just for hygiene and frivolous fun, it’s now a fabulously easy way to get a vital nutrient into your child without resorting to the ole “hide the vitamin” trick.

So, for all of the conscientious parents out there, here are 5 fantastic reasons to toss the bubbles and add magnesium bath flakes instead:

1. Every parent wants their child to be a diligent student – pay attention in school, get good grades, and overall just be “smart”, right? So, what if someone told you that the nutrients you provide play a strong role in your child’s intellectual growth and intelligence? Studies show that mineral supplementation – with an emphasis on magnesium – in juveniles produces significantly increased I.Q. as well as a reduction in brain wave abnormalities.

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