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Female Guide to Magnesium – Part 1

5 August 2014 - Posted by Ashley under , , ,

Female Guide to Magnesium - Part 1: Obstacles Women Face in Maintaining Adequate Magnesium LevelsIf you’ve ever walked the supplement aisles of a grocery store, you’ve probably noticed that there are very well-defined differences in men’s vs. women’s supplements. This same principle applies not only to blends of vitamins, minerals, and herbs in individual products, but also to label-recommended use and dosage amounts. Women have not only their own multivitamins, but also multivitamin varieties, blends catering to reproductive and sexual health, anti-aging formulas, fitness supplements, and (of course) weight loss aids.

In light of these important differences, we figured: Why not magnesium?

In this two part series we’ll explore the unique needs and options that women have for ensuring optimal magnesium. However, before we get into tactics on intake, we first need to tackle the obstacles that women in particular face.

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Stressed Out? You May Be Magnesium Deficient…

9 January 2014 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Stressed Out? You May Be Magnesium Deficient | Ancient MineralsStress is a funny thing… it seems to pop up at the most inconvenient times, or add an extra hurdle to already difficult situations. It can push emotions to their limits, negatively impact the immune system, and exacerbate pain or chronic conditions.

And unfortunately, oftentimes the stresses of life are unavoidable.

However, despite the fact that stressful stimuli abounds, there are ways to but to truly reinforce your body’s own ability to handle stress. One of these, as you may imagine, is maintaining good health. Of course, in today’s busy world, that can be easier said than done!

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Magnesium & Drinking Water

27 September 2013 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

Magnesium & Drinking Water | Ancient Minerals Blog It has often been observed that although we, as a society, have many tools and extensive technology at our fingertips, we do some very stupid things. Or, at least, that’s how it often appears.

Case in point – we have, in fact, known for years that the addition of magnesium to the municipal water supply (drinking water) has not only yielded significant health benefits, but also that the softening of water – and, therefore, depleting of minerals – is detrimental overall in regards to public health. Now, when I say years, I mean that in big, bold print… as in there are studies from the 1960’s (and probably before that) that specifically state these conclusions.

For example, a 1960 U.S. study on cardiovascular disease  mortality and treated water supplies concluded, “Softer water was associated with higher death rates.”

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9 Magnesium-Rich Foods

30 August 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Although we have already posted a thorough list of foods that contain magnesium, we have failed to go into the other benefits of consuming these nutrient-rich magnesium sources. Magnesium certainly isn’t the only piece to the health puzzle, and we often find ourselves trying to obtain as many nutrients as possible in just a few meals.

So, on top of being rich sources of magnesium, here are some additional pieces of health information on these nutrient-dense foods.

9 Magnesium-Rich Foods

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The Decline of the Dead Sea

21 June 2013 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

The Decline of the Dead Sea - Why We Avoid Dead Sea Sourced Products #unsustainable #contaminationSince our most popular product is our Ancient Minerals – a Genuine Zechstein topical magnesium chloride – we’re often asked our opinion on other magnesium products on the market. Being that we are magnesium advocates, we encourage the utilization of multiple sources between oral supplementation, topical applications, and magnesium-rich foods. However, one of the most popular sources used for magnesium chloride in cosmetic products is the Dead Sea, so we wanted to take the time out to discuss this in more detail.

Firstly, we do not recommend the use of minerals sourced from the Dead Sea – and yes, that will probably get a few gasps of outrage from diehard Dead Sea lovers.

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Small, Green, Family-Owned Business

28 December 2012 - Posted by Ashley under

One of the things that gets overlooked in this age of online transactions are the faces behind the website, email, phone call, etc. Who are you buying from? Who is answering these questions? Why should you do business with Company A versus Company B?

So, although this post isn’t necessarily about magnesium, per se, I thought I’d take the chance to tell you a little bit about our business – familiarize you with us as a company.

It may or may not interest you to learn that we are, indeed, a small business. Shocking, I know. At under 15 employees, we barely make up a softball team! Not only that, but we’re family owned and operated (quite literally, actually – I can see two members of my family hard at work right now!). For those of you that keep up with our monthly newsletter, you may recall our series that we released not too long ago where we featured each of the main members of our company so that everyone could “meet” us and understand a little more about who we are and why we do what we do – at least to a small extent. Those brief bios are now available on our main company website for those of you who missed out and are curious.

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Adding Magnesium To Your Routine

30 November 2012 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, certain questions arise more commonly than others. Two questions that come to mind are “Which of your Ancient Minerals applications do you recommend?” and “How much magnesium should I be using each day?”

Although we’ve discussed these in our posts on magnesium dosages and getting the most out of your magnesium, the answer that I often find myself giving is…

What will best fit into your daily routine?

I realize that’s not really the answer most are seeking – in fact, it’s probably better. Why?

Because for many people, if the “good” habit they are trying to implement causes too much of a disruption to their daily schedule, they will eventually get frustrated and simply stop doing it. Sure, in a perfect world we would all rearrange our lives around what we should do rather than what we want to be doing, but realistically that’s not how most people function.

Take the average diet plan, for instance. Most of these fail within a week – not because the person doesn’t want to follow through, but because it’s such a sudden change that most routine-oriented people balk at having to alter their life so drastically. Of course, there’s also the issue of willpower (or lack thereof), but mainly it’s that feeling of having your life shaken up like a snow globe that throws you off kilter and ends up landing you back in your unhealthy rut.

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6 Reasons to Add Magnesium to Your Massage

16 November 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

6 Reasons to Add Magnesium to Your MassageWhen I have the opportunity, I absolutely love indulging in a deep tissue massage session. The health benefits alone certainly make it a worthwhile expenditure and help bridge the gap between luxury and necessity.

In fact, it was during a particularly necessary massage that I was inspired to write this article.

On this occasion, I went because my body was especially sore after a workout that week, and I also found my knee and shoulder giving me a bit of a twinge. A little background on me – for years now, my shoulders (rotator cuffs) have been susceptible to bouts of tendonitis and will flare up when I give them the slightest opportunity (e.g. sleeping in odd positions, reaching into the backseat of the car, etc). The only thing that I’ve found to work in relieving this pain and inflammation is topical magnesium.

And yes, before you ask, I did all of the stretching, menthol rubs and icing… I even finally broke down at one point and received a cortisone shot. All for naught! No matter what I did, it would come right on back and I would be struggling to even put on a shirt in the morning.

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Better Than Coffee – Magnesium Gives You Energy on a Cellular Level!

28 September 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Give me a large, double-shot, no foam magnesium au lait please!

Well, no… actually that would taste pretty darn horrid (magnesium and hot milk… I think I’ll pass). However, the sentiment remains the same – magnesium has some kick to it!

How much “kick” exactly?   According to reports from some of our customers, they’ve experienced enough of a boost to their energy levels that they have to remember not to use it too close to their bedtime*! This is not completely uncommon in someone whose metabolism is more sensitive to magnesium and the integral role it plays – especially in those that are extremely magnesium deficient and have yet to reach an equilibrium**.

So why is that?

Well, if we zoom all the way down to a cellular level, magnesium is a required component in the production of ATP. And what is ATP?

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Magnesium Contraindications

21 September 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Magnesium, in general, is an abundant and fundamental nutrient that each and every human on this planet requires in order to function. Every now and then, however, there is a contraindication to magnesium use. Not surprisingly, most of the contraindications have very little to do with magnesium itself, and a lot to do with pharmaceutical components.

As with any contraindication, you should consult with your physician prior to incorporating a magnesium supplement into your diet if you feel there may be risk of negative interaction. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution.

Blood Pressure

Magnesium supplementation may not be recommended for those taking blood pressure medications / calcium channel blockers* for a number of reasons.

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