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Book Review: Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield

31 March 2015 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Beyond Training, by Ben Greenfield

Can something as essential to our wellbeing as fitness be detrimental to our health? Of course it can. The complex machine that is our body has the potential to do amazing things – but our challenge is to unlock this potential without triggering the numerous land mines buried along the way.

“I love getting fit, feeling good about the way my body looks, and fulfilling my deep-seeded drive to live life to the fullest by achieving difficult feats of physical performance. But I was fed up with feeling like crap from all the extreme exercising, strange foods, feeling of constant stress and soreness, and worry about the toll my hectic lifestyle was taking on my body. So I created a way of training, eating and living that is perfectly healthy and natural, but still allows me to look, feel and perform at my peak capabilities. And then I wrote this book to share with you.” – Ben Greenfield

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What is MSM?

23 August 2013 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

Methylsulfonylmethane – or as it’s more widely known amongst the health community, MSM – is an organosulfur compound.What is MSM? | Ancient Minerals Blog

This naturally occurring sulfur is found in all vertebrates – although the extent of its importance still has yet to be explored. It can be obtained through a variety of food sources in small amounts, but occurs higher in [raw] nutritionally-dense foods such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage – as well as dairy products and certain cuts of meat. However, like many agricultural products today, depleted soils have significantly lowered the mineral contents in foods overall.

Unlike more common vitamin and mineral supplements, MSM is a bit of a dark horse, so to speak. Since taking off in the natural health community, many of its deeper benefits have been glanced over – a truly unfortunate oversight – in order to simply promote it as a muscle and joint pain relief agent. Despite its proven benefits and popularity amongst certain communities, lack of sufficient [incontrovertible] research along with mainstream skepticism has kept MSM from becoming a staple product for health and wellbeing.

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Melatonin: Wonder Hormone

17 May 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Melatonin – that lovely chemical that is intrinsically tied to our circadian rhythm…

Many know it as a powerful sleep supplement, some with knowledge of its critical role in our health, while others know nothing of it at all. However, the functional capacity of this vital hormone is surprisingly extensive.


Melatonin has long been known to be a pervasive scavenger of free-radicals and protector against oxidative damage, but its role as an indirect antioxidant doesn’t stop there. For the most part, antioxidant enzymes are regulated depending on the oxidant status of the cell. However, melatonin has been found to have an influence on both cellular mRNA levels for these enzymes as well as antioxidant enzyme activity.

Over the years it has been determined that many disease states are either directly due to, or exacerbated by, high oxidative stress. In these situations, melatonin has proven to be an effective means of reducing the severity of disease and/or being a protectant against a vast array of conditions. As an indirect antioxidant, melatonin boosts activity of glutathione peroxidase – an enzyme family expressed in nearly all mammalian tissues whose primary role is protecting against oxidative damage. In fact, melatonin has shown an aptitude for stimulating gene expression for a variety of other antioxidant enzymes, as well as inhibiting the expression of genes such as ALA-S (Aminolevulinic acid synthase).

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Why is Ancient Minerals Packaged in Plastic Rather Than Glass?

5 April 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

In a world where toxic exposures come from seemingly everywhere, it’s understandable that there are many who wish to limit their exposure by any means possible – us included.

Which explains why we often have customers ask why it is that we have chosen to bottle our product in plastic versus glass. Being the conscientious company that we are when it comes to our high quality products and our eco-friendly business practices, I wanted to take a moment to explain our decision in more detail.

So, why is our Ancient Minerals magnesium line packaged in plastic rather than glass?

Firstly, I do want to point out that we had initially wanted to use solely glass packaging – it was indeed one of our goals. However, our good intentions were crushed by reality when we started pricing what the average shipping cost would be for heavy glass + heavy fluid.

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Goodnight Lotion for a Better Night’s Sleep

22 February 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

The time has come – finally! Yes, we’re very excited to announce that our much anticipated new addition is available at last!

Ancient Minerals Goodnight Lotion

One of the many issues plaguing a vast spectrum of our society – an issue that spans age, gender, lifestyle, and health status – is poor or inconsistent sleep quality.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep reach far and wide as a key factor in helping maintain overall health and well-being. More than simply altering your energy levels, a lack of deep, quality sleep results in a change in brain activity, immune response, organ function and even gene expression. Surprising, isn’t it?

Ultimately, our goal in creating our Goodnight formulation was to attempt to tackle this burden in the same way that we have tackled other issues – transdermally. In that respect, we feel that we’ve hit the nail directly on the head.

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Spice Up Your Topical Magnesium: Part 2

11 January 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

As promised, here is a continuation of our post on essential oil combinations that can be added to your magnesium oil, lotion, or bath – my personal preference being lotion or bath, in this case. These blends of essential oils are at a ratio that may suit our preference, but don’t hesitate to adjust them according to your own, if you feel the urge.

Whereas the previous post was based more on functional essential oil recipes for specific purposes, these two certainly lean more towards satisfying scent preferences and setting a mood. Enjoy!


(Ylang Ylang 6, Patchouli 5, Blood Orange 5, Lavender 5, Sandalwood 9, and Jasmine 3)

Patchouli: Sweet, relaxing, and decidedly sensual, patchouli has wound its way throughout the world as a highly popular essential oil. Rich and exotic in nature, this oil is common in both massage oils as well as perfumes – often being used as a fixative. Its medicinal properties range everywhere from anti-depressant to anti-wrinkle, and a wide range in between.

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Spice Up Your Topical Magnesium With Essential Oils!

7 December 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Spice Up Your Topical Magnesium With Essential OilsOur magnesium products are created with several things in mind – one of which is keeping them as hypoallergenic as possible. In this case, that translates into keeping our products scent-free. For most people, that’s probably just fine and dandy… but if you’re anything like me, you like to have a variety of subtle, natural scents to select from depending on your mood.

For those who want to channel their inner mixologist and create a customized blend, there are a wide variety of essential oils from which to choose from ranging from sweet and spicy, to sultry and musky. There really is no end to the combinations you can make – it all depends on your olfactory preferences. If you are familiar with essential oils, then you also know that each of them can be used for specific purposes (such as lavender for relaxation). Then, of course, there are the purely for pleasure scent combinations.

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Adding Magnesium To Your Routine

30 November 2012 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, certain questions arise more commonly than others. Two questions that come to mind are “Which of your Ancient Minerals applications do you recommend?” and “How much magnesium should I be using each day?”

Although we’ve discussed these in our posts on magnesium dosages and getting the most out of your magnesium, the answer that I often find myself giving is…

What will best fit into your daily routine?

I realize that’s not really the answer most are seeking – in fact, it’s probably better. Why?

Because for many people, if the “good” habit they are trying to implement causes too much of a disruption to their daily schedule, they will eventually get frustrated and simply stop doing it. Sure, in a perfect world we would all rearrange our lives around what we should do rather than what we want to be doing, but realistically that’s not how most people function.

Take the average diet plan, for instance. Most of these fail within a week – not because the person doesn’t want to follow through, but because it’s such a sudden change that most routine-oriented people balk at having to alter their life so drastically. Of course, there’s also the issue of willpower (or lack thereof), but mainly it’s that feeling of having your life shaken up like a snow globe that throws you off kilter and ends up landing you back in your unhealthy rut.

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Is Your Magnesium Organic?

12 October 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Ah yes, the question of Organic  versus conventional – one that has been posed to us many times by various customers in regards to our topical magnesium products. Unfortunately, this question is not something that can be applied to a mined mineral compound like our magnesium chloride.

Why? Because magnesium chloride cannot be certified Organic – not to be confused with the organic and inorganic compounds in chemistry – since it does not fall under the USDA’s qualification, which states:

USDA’s National Organic Program regulates the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced.”

Realistically, though, people seeking products that are certified Organic are essentially looking for something that is pesticide-free, environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced, and from a company with “green” business practices. On that measure, you can rest assured that our magnesium products use the highest quality of ingredients and we do our utmost to ensure that, as a business, we are as eco-friendly as possible.

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Magnesium Bath Flakes vs Magnesium Oil

5 October 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

A Response to “How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil”

As this does not appear on our website, I thought it might be prudent to explain the difference between our Ancient Minerals magnesium oil and our bath flakes – especially since it pertains to purity. We’ve recently seen a rise in the amount of posts regarding utilizing our bath flakes to “create” a magnesium oil, and for reasons we will explain, this is not something that we recommend or endorse.

So, here is the question that was posed to us:

Are your magnesium bath flakes the same purity as your magnesium oil?

In short, no, our magnesium bath flakes are not going to be of the same purity or composition as the original magnesium oil, despite the fact that they are created using that very same magnesium oil.

Now, why is this?

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