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Wellness Mama’s Guide: Healthy Pregnancy

3 March 2015 - Posted by Kathryn Kos under

Nutrition, Supplements,  and Lifestyle for Your Healthiest Pregnancy and Birth – Order Now

Wellness Mama's Guide to Healthy Pregnancy

Looking for some thorough information on how to have a healthy pregnancy? This guide written by Katie, The Wellness Mama is full of useful tips. Katie partnered with Joule Birth, an organization working to bring basic medical supplies, alternative energy and midwife/doctor training to remote areas of the world. 100% of the proceeds from this e-book go to help Joule Birth’s efforts.

The Wellness Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy discusses both prenatal nutrition and lifestyle changes that lead to an optimal pregnancy. She details foods to focus on and foods to avoid during pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In general, pregnant women have higher nutrient needs, and often times supplements are the only way to get some of these adequate nutrients. Katie’s book explores various supplements, such as probiotics, Vitamin D, and magnesium that may be necessary to supplement before, during and after pregnancy.

The book also thoroughly analyzes common tests and procedures that may be done during pregnancy. She discusses her experiences, and explores why certain tests may or may not be necessary. For example, normal glucose screening involves drinking 50 grams of glucose. Katie suggests alternatives, such as monitoring blood sugar over a period of time. She offers a very thorough explanation of each of the recommended tests, and advice on how to navigate them.

The Wellness Mama’s guide includes a great resource section, including an impressive list of helpful pregnancy books. And a particularly special treat is the inclusion of several recipes for non-toxic homemade skin care products, such as face washes and deodorants, as well as a month long recipe and shopping guide for healthy pregnancy meals.

A concise and thorough eBook, The Wellness Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is a great resource for anyone planning to get pregnant or expecting. It’s available for download at www.wellnessmama.com. All proceeds benefit Joule Birth.

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