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Welcome to our blog!

30 January 2012 - Posted by Ashley under

successWe have finally launched our Ancient Minerals site into the vastness of the blogosphere, and for us that is a very exciting prospect. Not only does this allow us to interact with you on a more personal basis, but it also allows you to interact with us as well!

For those of you who receive our company newsletter, you know that we limit ourselves to emailing only once per month. So this is a great opportunity for us to share more information without inundating your inbox to the point of making your eyes go cross – the thoughtful people that we are.

What information will we be sharing, you ask? Well obviously, since this is our Ancient Minerals blog, we will try to stay true to the subject matter this site has been built upon – magnesium. There is just so very much to be said about this wonderful and all-important mineral. However, we’re also planning on breaking up the potential magnesium monotony with personal stories, inside peeks at our business, guest bloggers, Q&A, recipes, photos & video, testimonials, specials, and a whole lot more.

I am personally looking forward to really truly interacting with everyone and indulging in a bit of chatter and information swapping. I happen to be very passionate about natural health, our company and magnesium (of course) and hope it becomes contagious – in a good way, that is.

So, with all that being said, we again welcome you to our little corner of the world wide web – the Ancient Minerals Blog!

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