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Book Review: Why Isn’t My Brain Working by Dr. Datis Khazarrian

The brain is affected by inflammation, metabolic disorders, and autoimmunity leading toward its rapid degeneration. We deal with this “degeneration” everyday and see it as a normal part of the aging process.  We see ourselves slowing down, losing our train of thought, with adrenal fatigue, and dependent on caffeinated beverages to get us through the day. We joke around with our family and friends about how we must be getting old!

Why Isn't My Brain Working by Dr. KharrazianMany of these are risk factors for the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, however, we often fail to see that. We just chock it up to getting old, and even joke about “alzheimer’s” setting in.  Even naturopathic practitioners  fall short when addressing brain health. Dr. Khazarrian recognized this in his practice, and put together this amazing book taking on all the components we miss when trying to heal our body, even when we don’t want to go the “medication” route. Sprinkled throughout the book are amazing anecdotal notes of individual cases, which are very eye opening and give the reader hope.

Khazarrian discusses the four neurotransmitters (acteylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, and GABA) and the connection between these neurotransmitters with depression and anxiety. He discusses our modern processed food diet and the impact it has on our brain health. He reviews the symptoms of poor oxygen to the brain, and ways to increase circulation.

One of the most interesting sections for me was about the brain’s “immune system.” Our brain has its own immune system that can be triggered by harmful substances. Just like we struggle with “leaky gut”, Dr. Khazarrian introduces the concept of “leaky brain.” He teaches us all about brain-based autoimmunity, a topic of which I knew very little about. Some brain conditions, like alzheimer’s and autism, are actually an autoimmune attack on the brain. He also discusses the close and important relationship between the gut and the brain.

You are your brain; the health of the brain dictates everything about you. How you perceive events in life, your personality, how much you enjoy life, how you react to everyday occurrences, your emotional health, and so on – these are all related to your brain’s health and function.

Overall this was very informative and a must read book for both practitioners and everyday folks who want to understand brain health, and make the right changes to help heal their issues at a functional level, vs. taking medications and continuing to deteriorate. Dr Khazarrian teaches us how to take care of our brain, just as we would any other part of our body!