Ultra Pure Topical Magnesium

Small, Green, Family-Owned Business

One of the things that gets overlooked in this age of online transactions are the faces behind the website, email, phone call, etc. Who are you buying from? Who is answering these questions? Why should you do business with Company A versus Company B?

So, although this post isn’t necessarily about magnesium, per se, I thought I’d take the chance to tell you a little bit about our business – familiarize you with us as a company.

It may or may not interest you to learn that we are, indeed, a small business. Shocking, I know. At under 15 employees, we barely make up a softball team! Not only that, but we’re family owned and operated (quite literally, actually – I can see two members of my family hard at work right now!). For those of you that keep up with our monthly newsletter, you may recall our series that we released not too long ago where we featured each of the main members of our company so that everyone could “meet” us and understand a little more about who we are and why we do what we do – at least to a small extent. Those brief bios are now available on our main company website for those of you who missed out and are curious.

Eco-Friendly & Health Conscious

Despite our steady growth over the years, there are certain values that will never be compromised no matter how large we may become down the road. One of these values is our dedication to being a “green” business. What does that mean, exactly?

Well, in everything that we do, we look for a way to do it more efficiently and effectively, yet with low environmental impact and as little waste as possible. We do this not only because of our respect for the environment, but also the knowledge of how our actions directly and indirectly affect health.

If you’ve ordered products from us previously, you might have noticed the wonderful packing paper that we use in our shipments. This unique material is called Geami GreenWrap – an eco-friendly, sustainable, compostable, recyclable alternative to the common styrofoam peanuts or bubble wraps that you’re used to. This paper allows us to consume less material to properly secure your items for shipping, with an added bonus of customers not having to deal with those peanuts floating around all over (don’t you just hate that?). The only downside is that there are no fun little bubbles to pop. Darn!

Lucky for us, our city also has a lengthy list of items that can be recycled including scrap metal, glass, paper, aluminum, plastics of all sorts, and even e-waste! We make a concerted effort to ensure that our recycling far outweighs our garbage output. And speaking of recycling, most of our paper products – both packaging as well as printed media – include post-consumer waste in an effort to “close the loop,” as they say.

Another piece to our “green” puzzle is our choice in cleaning products. Most people overlook this part, but you really can’t if you’re trying to uphold well-rounded, environmentally and health friendly methods. The products that we choose to clean and sanitize our facility, both in our warehouse and our internal offices, are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

On top of that, our kitchen is stocked with glass plates, drinking glasses, and steel utensils rather than offering disposable eating implements that only add to our landfills. We even make sure that our water cooler jugs are BPA-free!

In all that we do, we do our utmost to ensure that our employees are provided with a non-toxic, safe working environment, and that our footprint on this planet is as minimal as possible.

Practice What We Preach

We (the royal we) are often asked questions about our own health habits – whether we eat organic, use our own products, what our lifestyles are like, etc. As I cannot comment on all of our employees, I’ll merely say that the owners and family members do indeed practice what we preach. We eat organic, pastured, grass-fed, raw, sprouted, fermented, bio-dynamic… and all that jazz. We do not simply work here, we live here – we live and breath natural health. We know all of our products inside and out because we use them, all of them, and have probably utilized them every which way possible. After all, the knowledge of experience is something that you just can’t learn from a book… not really.

In our office, we will always brew organic coffee, served with organic cream and fair trade organic sugar. Yes, we’re “those” people. You can often find organic, gluten-free goodies and homemade snacks of kale chips or Paleo cookies set out (most of the time by our owner, Judy).

So yes, we do indeed practice what we preach (although I hope we don’t come across as preachy).

Ultimately, we’re not doctors or licensed medical professionals… we’re simply people that are very passionate about natural health and the belief that true health and well-being comes down to nutrition and lifestyle, not pills or cutting. We believe in healing from the ground up, not merely treating superficial symptoms. This is why we do what we do, and why we are who we are.

Does that sound a bit cliché? Perhaps. But it’s no less than the truth.


Want to learn more about us as a company? Send us an email, or leave a comment below… we’d be more than happy to share!