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Book Review: I Love Dirt! By Jennifer Ward

7 July 2015 - Posted by Kathryn Kos under

I Love Dirt by Jennifer WardIt is important that children experience nature, and learn to love the natural world around them. However, for many this is not an easy feat. Children nowadays are struggling with what is now known as “nature deficit.” The struggle is more difficult in this day and age, with constant screen based distractions, and academia being stressed from a very early age. I Love Dirt is a great resource for parents and educators to learn how to incorporate an appreciation for, and understanding of, nature and the natural world. In just 5 minutes you can take a child outside, and turn their world around. This book teaches us how to do just that!

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Intravenous and Inhaled Magnesium for Childhood Asthma

20 December 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Intravenous and Inhaled Magnesium Sulphate in Management of Children with Bronchial Asthma | Ancient MineralsAlthough we’ve discussed the benefits of magnesium for those with asthma and allergies, a new study released in the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine has displayed further evidence that the use of magnesium – inhaled magnesium – is a powerful means of battling childhood asthma.



Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood and the leading cause of childhood morbidity. When uncontrolled, asthma can place significant limits on daily life, and is sometimes fatal. The use of magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) is one of numerous treatment options available during acute severe asthma in children. The efficacy of intravenous, or inhaled MgSO4 has been demonstrated, while little is known about the actual clinical use of either intravenous (IV) or inhaling MgSO4.

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Magnesium Intake is Significant for Bone Health in Children

5 May 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Study shows magnesium intake, absorption significantly associated with bone density in children

Parents are advised to make sure their children drink milk and eat other calcium-rich foods to build strong bones. Soon, they also may be urged to make sure their kids eat salmon, almonds and other foods high in magnesium — another nutrient that may play an important role in bone health, according to a study1 to be presented Sunday, May 5, at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Washington, DC.

“Lots of nutrients are key for children to have healthy bones. One of these appears to be magnesium,” said lead author Steven A. Abrams MD, FAAP, professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. “Calcium is important, but, except for those children and adolescents with very low intakes, may not be more important than magnesium.”

While it is known that magnesium is important for bone health in adults, few studies have looked at whether magnesium intake and absorption are related to bone mineral content in young children. This study aimed to fill that gap.

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  1. Abrams SA, Chen Z, Hawthorne KM. Magnesium, but Not Calcium Intake Is Significantly Association with Bone Mineral Status in 4 to 8 Year Old Children. American Academy of Pediatrics. (2013, May 5). Available at: http://www.abstracts2view.com/pas/view.php?nu=PAS13L1_2715.3 []

Magnesium During Pregnancy

18 May 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

What role does magnesium play during pregnancy?

Nutritional deficiencies are always bad news, but pregnant women should take special care to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Thankfully for fetuses, nature’s clever defense mechanisms mean that even mothers who eat less than ideal diets can grow healthy babies — by depleting the mom’s reserves.

Magnesium and calcium are partners, and these two important minerals need to be present in the body in the right proportions for everything to function normally. In the west, most pregnant women get lots of calcium, but have a shortage of magnesium. What happens if there is a magnesium deficiency during pregnancy? And what can expectant mothers do to get enough magnesium?

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5 Great Reasons For Parents to Swap Bubbles for Bath Flakes

27 April 2012 - Posted by Ashley under , , , , ,

For most parents, bath time accomplishes the functional task of getting a dirty child clean while at the same time providing aquatic entertainment… but what if it provided something much more valuable as well? That’s right, folks! Bath time is no longer just for hygiene and frivolous fun, it’s now a fabulously easy way to get a vital nutrient into your child without resorting to the ole “hide the vitamin” trick.

So, for all of the conscientious parents out there, here are 5 fantastic reasons to toss the bubbles and add magnesium bath flakes instead:

1. Every parent wants their child to be a diligent student – pay attention in school, get good grades, and overall just be “smart”, right? So, what if someone told you that the nutrients you provide play a strong role in your child’s intellectual growth and intelligence? Studies show that mineral supplementation – with an emphasis on magnesium – in juveniles produces significantly increased I.Q. as well as a reduction in brain wave abnormalities.

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