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Female Guide to Magnesium – Part 1

5 August 2014 - Posted by Ashley under , , ,

Female Guide to Magnesium - Part 1: Obstacles Women Face in Maintaining Adequate Magnesium LevelsIf you’ve ever walked the supplement aisles of a grocery store, you’ve probably noticed that there are very well-defined differences in men’s vs. women’s supplements. This same principle applies not only to blends of vitamins, minerals, and herbs in individual products, but also to label-recommended use and dosage amounts. Women have not only their own multivitamins, but also multivitamin varieties, blends catering to reproductive and sexual health, anti-aging formulas, fitness supplements, and (of course) weight loss aids.

In light of these important differences, we figured: Why not magnesium?

In this two part series we’ll explore the unique needs and options that women have for ensuring optimal magnesium. However, before we get into tactics on intake, we first need to tackle the obstacles that women in particular face.

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Prescription Drugs: White Knight or Pale Horse?

25 May 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

It’s the end of your day and you’re sitting down watching your favorite program which is routinely interrupted by a long, bothersome stream of commercials — unhealthy snack foods and sugary beverages followed by prescription drug commercials telling you to “ask your doctor about _____”.

After being bombarded with pharmaceutical ads for so long, it’s become almost comical as you listen to the ailments the drug supposedly helps being followed up by a long, grizzly list of side-effects that seem much worse by comparison. Miracle drugs for blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, allergies, insomnia… we’ve heard them all.

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The Acid’s Turned Off, But You’re Still Getting Burned

11 May 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

ppiEach day, more and more information is released to the public regarding the safety (or rather, the lack thereof) of prescription drugs on the market. 2011 brought with it a disturbing warning about a type of drug that receives an awful lot of promotion to both consumers and doctors alike. I’ve even noticed quite a few blogs out there touting free samples offers! What is the common medication I’m referring to? It’s Proton Pump Inhibitors.

If you are one of the many patients using a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) such as Prevacid, Prilosec, AcipHex, Nexium…etc., you may be at risk for issues a lot more critical than occasional heartburn or chronic indigestion. Ironically, chronic indigestion is just one of the various off-label uses for these over-prescribed medications that carry extreme side effects.

According to IMS Health, the number of prescriptions written in the U.S. for PPIs in 2008 topped 113 million, making them the third highest-selling class of drugs.”
– Consumer Reports

Coincidentally, years ago I was prescribed AcipHex myself for nothing more than indigestion due to a combination of

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