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Can I Get Enough Magnesium Through Food?

8 June 2012 - Posted by Ashley under

Although supplements have become part and parcel with health routines worldwide, many people still feel a bit put off by the necessity of swallowing their vitamins in pill form. Those with the motivation to use solely food sources for their nutrient requirements often find themselves embarking on a fruitless journey, becoming frustrated and food obsessed without reaping any rewards.

So, why is it that food is no longer providing us the nutrients we need?

Simply put, our agricultural practices have changed drastically over the years so that we are no longer utilizing sustainable farming techniques for long term benefits, but rather industrial farming for short term gain. Add to that the processing and refinement practices, along with our degrading dietary habits, and you have a recipe for failure.

In this day and age you can literally gorge yourself on many types of foods and still suffer from malnutrition.

The statement would be laughable if it weren’t so sadly accurate. Yet many consumers are unaware of this drastic drop in nutritional value, and doubly unaware of the detrimental effects of processed foods on the precious few minerals you do absorb. What was that? Yes – eating processed foods can actually strip your body of nutrients compounding an already troublesome problem.

Grocery shopping has become a balancing act of monumental proportions – and that’s when one is at least marginally well-informed. For example, the average shopper is still naively unaware of the fact that when a product proclaims that it’s “Fortified with A, B, C…”, that usually means that they are merely replacing 2-3 of the over 30 nutrients that were stripped during its manufacture.

This isn’t even touching on the financial impact of trying to battle your deficiencies through tenacious grocery shopping and meal planning. And honestly, in this economy, who has the time or energy? Buying and eating whole, healthy foods is tough enough in most areas without throwing more hurdles in the way.

Because of these many factors, supplementation is often more cost effective, convenient and sometimes the only way of getting all of the various nutrients you require in beneficial quantities – especially minerals like magnesium.

So, now that you know a little more about the vitamin and mineral content of your food, take the next step by asking:

– What factors cause depletion of minerals, so that I can avoid them?

– Which supplements would be best for me?

– How can I get more magnesium without taking pills?

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  • nino peras

    Aside from taking mineral supplements that contain magnesium, what other possible foods that may contain high amounts of magnesium? Organic farming usually may still be able to provide magnesium from natural food sources, which is more beneficial than taking farmed vegetables and fruits that contain less magnesium due to various farming practices that reduce magnesium in the soil. 

  • Ashley

     Hi Nino,

    Yes, you are correct. Organic farming practices ideally utilize practices that include crop rotation, companion planting and natural soil enrichment – things that would ensure that the crops are at their peak, nutritionally speaking. But the key word there is “ideally”.

    Unfortunately, not all of the certified organic farms follow the practices that we assume they do. Actually, quite a few of the larger corporations that have started trying to get a piece of the “organic pie” don’t follow them at all… but rather they interpret the strict legal language (stripped bare) that would allow them to apply the label. It’s surprising how many loopholes there are.

    So, I would say that if you want to get the most for your money, know your farmer, avoid large corporations selling organic (like Target & Walmart) and eat local as much as possible. Other than that, you can find a good sized list of magnesium-rich foods on our Magnesium in the Diet page: http://www.ancient-minerals.com/magnesium-sources/dietary/#dv-chart