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DIY With Topical Magnesium

We’ve had some great feedback from customers using our products in some very creative ways and thought we’d take the opportunity to share some of these ways that people are getting MORE from their magnesium!

Magnesium for Hair & Scalp

Magnesium for Hair & ScalpGive it a try: Add a few spritzes of magnesium oil or a squeeze of the gel to your scalp in the shower, massage it in thoroughly, then wash it out.

This is probably the second most popular “off-label” use for our magnesium products, and for good reason. Feedback coming in from customers is showing benefits to not only scalp health, but hair health as well for those using our magnesium oil and gel on their heads.

Dealing with dandruff? Studies have shown that many forms of pityriasis (flaking of the skin) respond well to topical magnesium applications. Try adding our Ancient Minerals magnesium gel while bathing or showering – apply it to your scalp after wetting your hair, massage in and let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Experiencing thinning hair? Thinning hair may be caused by calcification of the hair follicle, which can be rectified by magnesium use. Try applying the magnesium oil alongside your shampooing routine or simply massaging it in separately.

Some customers have even reported applying the magnesium to their hair prior to going to sleep and using a shower cap to keep it in place overnight and help retain moisture for as long as possible.

*On a personal note, I use this myself and have had such a great response that I make sure to use it prior to shampooing each and every time. I have even purchased a special fine-tipped squeeze bottle so that I can apply it easier to just my scalp area, since my application of choice is our Ancient Minerals magnesium gel.

Body Scrub

Looking for a way to incorporate your Ancient Minerals magnesium gel into your shower or bath time? Well, whether you are or not, you may be interested in these simple additions that one of our customers recommended.

Coarse sea salt and coarse cane sugar are fairly popular ingredients amongst those that make their own body scrubs at home. However, one you may not be familiar with is coffee* grounds. All three of these options will help slough off dead skin cells, bring blood to the surface, and help increase the absorption of the magnesium through the skin.

For numerous reasons – including shelf life – it is recommended that these additions be made close to when you plan to use them, rather than be pre-mixed and stored for future use.

*The caffeine from the coffee grounds is said to help increase circulation, battle cellulite, decrease redness and firm the surface of the skin – much which has to do with its ability to constrict blood vessels.

Magnesium Oil Deodorant

Magnesium Oil DeodorantWe mentioned this in a newsletter recently, but it’s such a popular topic that it certainly bears mentioning again. Mineral salts have been utilized as natural odor blockers (deodorants) for ages, but only recently did we take a moment to investigate this usage as it pertains to our Ancient Minerals magnesium oil.

After several trial runs, we have found that not only does our magnesium oil successfully block underarm odor, but often works better than standard deodorants… and without the toxic ingredients! That isn’t to say that it will definitely work for everyone – especially if you decided to eat an entire bulb of garlic for dinner the previous night – but it’s always nice to know that there are other options out there, right?

*If you want something more convenient than a spray bottle for an under arm application, there are numerous internet sources where you can obtain glass or plastic roll-on containers. Just be sure that they are refillable and BPA-free.

Blemish Stick

As you may know, magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory… not only that but our Ancient Minerals products are specifically magnesium chloride – an inorganic salt that is hygroscopic (attracts water). Put these facts together and you create a winning combination for use on pimple and acne.

The trick is to only apply small amounts of the magnesium oil directly onto the effected area. We’ve found that applying this 2-3 times per day can make a drastic difference – especially for those who struggle with periodic break-outs.

*For those with highly sensitive skin or who have severe acne, you may want to try diluting the oil (with pure water) for a more mild mixture. Or, try our Ancient Minerals magnesium oil Ultra – a combination of our original magnesium oil and MSM.

Hot/Cold Sports Rub

Looking for a hot/cold massage gel or lotion but without the toxic ingredient list that comes with it? You’re not alone…

Although we’ve experimented with different variations ourselves, one of our customers mentioned adding essential oil of wintergreen and cayenne tincture or oil to our magnesium gel as their very own homemade sports rub. Apparently, they were pleasantly surprised with the results, and continue

This type of application would probably be used with any of our transdermal applications (besides the bath flakes, that is). The only recommendation would be to make these additions carefully, since they are quite potent and can easily become overwhelming if you’re heavy handed.

Scent Infusion

Scent InfusionThere are quite a few ways to add scent to your magnesium oil, gel, lotion, or bath flakes – most of which include the addition of essential oils. That is, perhaps, the easiest way to add your scent preference… but not everyone wishes to take that route, especially when using our Ancient Minerals magnesium oil.

One of our customers explained a special way that she adds a lavender infusion to her magnesium oil, and I have to say that I’m intrigued!

Since the magnesium oil alone is too much for her sensitive skin, she explained that she dilutes it with pure water. This is certainly not uncommon – however, she first boils the water and pours it through lavender buds to take on a hint of the essence prior to mixing it into the magnesium. Since she applies the magnesium oil prior to going to bed at night, she said that this little added scent is just enough to help relax her.

This can be accomplished with numerous other herbs and spices – and even citrus rinds – depending on the end result you wish.


Have more creative Do It Yourself suggestions for our Ancient Minerals products? Let us know!