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Can You Use Ancient Minerals While in an Infrared Sauna?

An insider's look at questions regarding the combination of remineralizing the body while detoxing.

Since the other side of our company focuses on external and internal methods of detoxification, we are often faced with questions regarding the combination of remineralizing the body while detoxing.

One of our customers who frequently uses an infrared sauna as one of their detoxification tools asked us about the use of our Ancient Minerals products – such as the oil and gel – while sitting in the sauna. After considering a response and doing a bit of research, I think that it’s a great idea, but I have a few notes and observations to add.

Firstly, while in the sauna, it is recommended that you drink fluids enriched with minerals to help replenish what is being lost through sweat – especially if you are doing a lengthy session. This is not something that I would trade for our Ancient Minerals, but rather allow the transdermal magnesium to act as a complement to that.

Infrared Sauna

However… although the upside to using the topical magnesium in the sauna is that your pores are open and your blood is brought to the surface, your body is going to be in “detoxification mode” and be pushing toxins (and minerals) out of the skin, rather than pulling them in – hence the reason to drink mineralized fluids. So, even though you will still be absorbing some of the magnesium you apply, you will not absorb as much of it while in this state. For this reason, I would say that applying the topical magnesium either prior to or after your sauna may be the better route if you are looking to maximize your intake.*

Also, while I do love our magnesium gel, I probably wouldn’t recommend its use while in an infrared sauna – mainly because of the residue that it leaves behind. Cleaning sweat from a sauna is a bit different than cleaning magnesium gel from it… and by the end of your session, the majority of the gel would either be on your towel(s) or the surrounding wood. For this same reason, I wouldn’t recommend using the lotion either. If I were to recommend products to be used, it would either be our original magnesium oil, or our magnesium oil Ultra.

Other factors to consider…

Many people utilize niacin (B3) when preparing for an infrared sauna session because it helps open up blood vessels and capillaries**. This is a great way to give a bump to your circulation and help “jump start” your system prior to detoxing in the sauna. It is also a great way to help increase output and uptake all around from a transdermal standpoint, since blood is brought to the surface and the vessel dilation increases blood flow.

Another good way to open pores and bring blood to the surface is dry skin brushing. Doing this prior to your sauna, and prior to applying the magnesium, can make a big difference in both how much you absorb as well as how much you are able to purge from your system.

*For me, I choose to apply it after my sauna, just before I shower – that way, my pores are still open, my vessels are still dilated and blood flow increased from the niacin, and I’m cooling down and no longer sweating. Yes, it sensitizes my skin and may itch/tingle when I apply it,  but it’s completely worth it and I only have to tolerate it for 15 minutes.

**This cannot be achieved through the “no flush” or slow release versions of niacin, since the flush is specifically what you are trying to achieve and it a result of the blood vessels and capillaries dilating.