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Minerals and Muscle Recovery

Minimizing stress through magnesium supplementation helps the body to recover from exercise-induced stress more efficiently.

Did you know that minerals like magnesium aid with stress response from exercise and speed recovery?

Minimizing stress through magnesium supplementation helps the body to recover from exercise-induced stress more efficiently. According to Kevin Cann (writer for, “Magnesium has an important protective effect in the body against damage produced from all kinds of stress. When we exercise, our sympathetic nervous system turns on and we experience a flight or flight response. In order to recover quicker, we need to switch the body into a parasympathetic (relaxed) state. Magnesium has a natural calming effect on the body. Magnesium actually plays a role in turning on our parasympathetic nervous system.” – Read More

In a double-blind randomized study1 carried out by Gulf, Bender and Gruttner (from Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University Medical School, Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany), 23 competitive triathletes competing in an event consisting of a 500-meter swim, a 20-km bicycle race, and a 5-km run were studied after 4-week supplementation with placebo or magnesium. The stress-induced modifications of energy and hormone metabolism described in this study indicate altered glucose utilization after Mg- supplementation and a reduced stress response without affecting competitive potential. Magnesium supplementation reduced the stress response in the body for these athletes.

Magnesium is also depleted during strenuous activity and increases the need for magnesium in athletes by 10-20%. Magnesium deficiency reduces the efficiency of the body to perform work, and increases the amount of oxygen needed. This hinders athletic performance.

“Despite magnesium’s pivotal role in energy production and sports performance, many coaches and athletes remain critically unaware of its critical importance in maintaining health and performance. Research suggests that even small shortfalls in magnesium intake can seriously impair athletic performance.” – Ben Greenfield, Author of Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

If you are looking to minimize the stress on your body associated with strenuous exercise, as well as increase your personal performance, consider using a quality magnesium supplement!


About the Author:
Kathryn is a functional nutritional therapist, author, editor, and mama of two boys. She enjoys spending her free time out in nature-hiking and fishing. You can find her at and her book “Forties on Fire” can be found on Amazon.


  1. Golf SW, Bender S, Gruttner, J (1998) On the Significance of Magnesium in Extreme Physical Stress. Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy, Volume 12, issue 2, pp 197-202. [Springer]