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Magnesium: The Athlete’s Mineral

Video Interview with Peter Liddy

A veteran in treating a wide spectrum of athletes, Peter Liddy tells us why his professional patients use magnesium oil as their emergency pain relief.

What burdens athletes the most when training? Everything ranging from seizing muscles, stiffness, and fatigue, to recovery time and special dietary requirements. Using natural remedies, Thai massage and utilizing his unique skills in Bowen Therapy, Peter seeks to right the imbalances that afflict his patients, rather than treating superficial symptoms.

Video Transcript

Peter Liddy, owner of Jai Dee Wellness Centre and an alternative practitioner, has been studying complimentary modalities since 1985. During his time at Queensland Institute of Natural Science in Australia, Peter became well versed in touch and energy based healing, building upon that knowledge when he became certified in Bowen Therapy as well as studying traditional Thai massage in Thailand.

Peter Liddy:

Well, some of the signs and symptoms that I see of magnesium deficiency on a daily basis are people come in with tight muscles, whether they are presenting with an injury or they are just tight.

Magnesium For Tight Muscles and Stretching

A lot of athletes that I see are always tight. They often don’t stretch sufficiently.

But I’ve also noticed that when people start to use the magnesium as a daily part of their training regimen, they also find that they get better results with their stretching.

In comparing the use of Ancient Minerals with oral supplementation, it’s far superior. The skin absorbs it beautifully.

Better Magnesium Absorption and Instant Relief

I notice when I’m working with people on the couch – and I use Ancient Minerals on every single one of my clients that presents here unless they specifically ask me not to – their skin just warms and relaxes the muscles.

You can feel the tissue tension actually  soften as you work on it.

And I also do cupping as a part of some of my treatments. And once you cup the body, it opens up the pores of the skin. And that facilitates even better absorption of the magnesium.

You can just apply it and just notice the difference within moments.

No More Leg Cramps

I use Ancient Minerals myself. And I didn’t use it on anybody until I tried it upon myself. And I used to get really bad leg cramps. And I’ve been taking oral supplementation for years basically with minimal results.

Since I started applying the Ancient Minerals daily, I don’t get leg cramps anymore.

I work with lots of tri-athletes. I work with surf club people, plenty of different sports people, and I work with people from a very young age right through to the very elderly.

One of my more elderly clients have said how much they have noticed that their sleep has benefited in that they haven’t been interrupted by cramping in their legs during the middle of the night since they have been using Ancient Minerals on a daily basis.

Better Athletic Performance with Ancient Minerals

With some of the sports people that I have, I have one particular tri-athlete. He’s a long distance tri-athlete – Iron Man Tri-athlete. He carries a bottle of Ancient Minerals with him when he competes.

He carries it on his bike. He carries it on the run leg. And if he starts to feel his muscles stiffen, he just sprays some on and rubs it in. And he reckons it works really, really well.

I have other tri-athletes – long distance athletes that train people. And magnesium is taking off – Ancient Minerals is taking off here on the Sunshine Coast because more of these people are starting to spread the word just how beneficial it is to have access to it whilst they are actually competing.