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Magnesium for Muscle Spasms and Sports Injuries

Video Interview of Dr. Kathleen Akin

Dr. Kathleen Akin discusses magnesium’s impact on muscle spasms, sports injuries, muscle twitching, pain, and detox.

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Video Transcript

Dr. Akin is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician with over 15 years of experience in her field. Based on her work with professional athletes and patients with ALS and other disorders, Dr. Akin has seen the dramatic affect that mineral deficiencies have on the human body. By using hair analysis for testing, she is able to track her patients’ progress and the alleviation of their symptoms through the use of topical magnesium.

Dr. Kathleen Akin:

I had such a moment with magnesium oil for the fact that I knew it was an essential mineral to help my patients with their mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicities that were revealed on this hair analysis.

Magnesium for Twitching & Muscle Spasms

I deal with a lot of patients with ALS, a neurological condition, and magnesium is essential for that.

When these patients would go to their family doctors or their specialists and they were told that their muscle fasciculations, or twitching, or spasms or strength were not going to resolve itself, that it was just something that they were going to have to live with and accept, these patients would say time and time again that this magnesium oil had helped them eradicate or eliminate those issues. So, I was very excited about it.

Magnesium and Detoxing

We live in such a toxic environment.

We’re bombarded by chemicals out there that are in the air that we breathe, to the foods that we eat, to the water that we drink, and even to the medicines that we incorporate. So, we’re constantly bombarded by heavy metals and toxicities.

And magnesium is an extremely important part of detoxing us.

Workout Recovery Time and Magnesium Oil Massage

It’s how I deal with a lot of professional athletes.

I’m a certified chiropractic sports physician, and I like to work out myself. And by using this Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil as a massage agent, it helps with recovery time. It helps with the sprain strains.

Transdermal Magnesium vs Oral Magnesium

When you take magnesium orally it’s only 35 to 40 percent effective.

I do a lot of GI panels. I see how the digestive system is never working at a 100 percent capacity. So, you know you’re going to get a better chance of having magnesium work transdermally.

Kathleen’s Take: Improve Detoxification and Eliminate Muscle Twitching

I like to research all my products before I recommend them to other patients. And by researching the Ancient Minerals, I found that was one of the purest forms of magnesium chloride.

Ancient Minerals has been very successful for my patients. From what they have told me with their elimination of muscle twitching, the pre- and post-testing of the hair analysis. The mineral content has improved to the detoxification of their heavy metals. It’s an essential part of improving a person’s health.

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