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Maintaining Cardiac Health with Magnesium

Video Interview of Dr. William McAuliffe

Dr. William McAuliffe explains the importance of magnesium in our significantly magnesium deficient society.

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Video Transcript

Dr. William McAuliffe, DC, CN discusses just how far we as a society have fallen into magnesium deficiency, and the difficulty of trying to reverse it through food alone. Through his work and research, he’s discovered a myriad of issues resolved through simply adding this crucial mineral to your system. From heart disease, to blood pressure, to the absorption of other nutrients, magnesium is essential to overall health.

However, as Dr. McAuliffe describes, adequate intake of magnesium via oral supplements is very difficult to achieve.

Dr. McAuliffe:

The prevalence magnesium deficiency is pandemic in this country.  I can’t speak for the world, but in this country it is pandemic, primarily because of the lack of magnesium in the types of foods people are eating.

Magnesium is Essential for Whole Body Health

Magnesium is essential for the absorption of calcium.

It’s essential for maintaining proper blood pressure.

It’s essential for cardiovascular problems.

It’s essential for a whole myriad of things going on in the body.

Magnesium & CoQ10 for Heart Disease

I spoke with a biochemist at the University of Texas not too long ago.

He said, “We have eliminated heart disease at the University of Texas by increasing magnesium as well as CoQ10 into the diet of people down there, and in every case people responded.

No Laxative Effect With Topical Magnesium

However, you are limited as to how much magnesium you can give somebody from an oral point of view because of the laxative effect.

You are not limited in a topical form of how much magnesium people take because you can give them – have them put magnesium just sprayed on their entire bodies three or four times a day, if it’s necessary in unusual cases, and they will absorb most of it.

High Dosages of Magnesium Absorbed Through Skin

And at least eight sprays of magnesium will give you at least 100 mg of magnesium in a chloride form.  So, if you’re spraying the entire body, you’re getting maybe 50 sprays, and you’ll be getting almost 1,000 mg of magnesium each time you spray the entire body.

If you can do that a couple of times a day, then you’re getting 2,000 mg or two grams of magnesium that way.  There is no way you can get that much magnesium in an oral intake.