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The Decline of the Dead Sea

21 June 2013 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

The Decline of the Dead Sea - Why We Avoid Dead Sea Sourced Products #unsustainable #contaminationSince our most popular product is our Ancient Minerals – a Genuine Zechstein topical magnesium chloride – we’re often asked our opinion on other magnesium products on the market. Being that we are magnesium advocates, we encourage the utilization of multiple sources between oral supplementation, topical applications, and magnesium-rich foods. However, one of the most popular sources used for magnesium chloride in cosmetic products is the Dead Sea, so we wanted to take the time out to discuss this in more detail.

Firstly, we do not recommend the use of minerals sourced from the Dead Sea – and yes, that will probably get a few gasps of outrage from diehard Dead Sea lovers.

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Why is Ancient Minerals Packaged in Plastic Rather Than Glass?

5 April 2013 - Posted by Ashley under ,

In a world where toxic exposures come from seemingly everywhere, it’s understandable that there are many who wish to limit their exposure by any means possible – us included.

Which explains why we often have customers ask why it is that we have chosen to bottle our product in plastic versus glass. Being the conscientious company that we are when it comes to our high quality products and our eco-friendly business practices, I wanted to take a moment to explain our decision in more detail.

So, why is our Ancient Minerals magnesium line packaged in plastic rather than glass?

Firstly, I do want to point out that we had initially wanted to use solely glass packaging – it was indeed one of our goals. However, our good intentions were crushed by reality when we started pricing what the average shipping cost would be for heavy glass + heavy fluid.

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Adding Magnesium To Your Routine

30 November 2012 - Posted by Ashley under , ,

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, certain questions arise more commonly than others. Two questions that come to mind are “Which of your Ancient Minerals applications do you recommend?” and “How much magnesium should I be using each day?”

Although we’ve discussed these in our posts on magnesium dosages and getting the most out of your magnesium, the answer that I often find myself giving is…

What will best fit into your daily routine?

I realize that’s not really the answer most are seeking – in fact, it’s probably better. Why?

Because for many people, if the “good” habit they are trying to implement causes too much of a disruption to their daily schedule, they will eventually get frustrated and simply stop doing it. Sure, in a perfect world we would all rearrange our lives around what we should do rather than what we want to be doing, but realistically that’s not how most people function.

Take the average diet plan, for instance. Most of these fail within a week – not because the person doesn’t want to follow through, but because it’s such a sudden change that most routine-oriented people balk at having to alter their life so drastically. Of course, there’s also the issue of willpower (or lack thereof), but mainly it’s that feeling of having your life shaken up like a snow globe that throws you off kilter and ends up landing you back in your unhealthy rut.

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Is Your Magnesium Organic?

12 October 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Ah yes, the question of Organic  versus conventional – one that has been posed to us many times by various customers in regards to our topical magnesium products. Unfortunately, this question is not something that can be applied to a mined mineral compound like our magnesium chloride.

Why? Because magnesium chloride cannot be certified Organic – not to be confused with the organic and inorganic compounds in chemistry – since it does not fall under the USDA’s qualification, which states:

USDA’s National Organic Program regulates the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced.”

Realistically, though, people seeking products that are certified Organic are essentially looking for something that is pesticide-free, environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced, and from a company with “green” business practices. On that measure, you can rest assured that our magnesium products use the highest quality of ingredients and we do our utmost to ensure that, as a business, we are as eco-friendly as possible.

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Magnesium Bath Flakes vs Magnesium Oil

5 October 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

A Response to “How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil”

As this does not appear on our website, I thought it might be prudent to explain the difference between our Ancient Minerals magnesium oil and our bath flakes – especially since it pertains to purity. We’ve recently seen a rise in the amount of posts regarding utilizing our bath flakes to “create” a magnesium oil, and for reasons we will explain, this is not something that we recommend or endorse.

So, here is the question that was posed to us:

Are your magnesium bath flakes the same purity as your magnesium oil?

In short, no, our magnesium bath flakes are not going to be of the same purity or composition as the original magnesium oil, despite the fact that they are created using that very same magnesium oil.

Now, why is this?

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Can You Use Ancient Minerals While in an Infrared Sauna?

7 September 2012 - Posted by Ashley under

Since the other side of our company focuses on external and internal methods of detoxification, we are often faced with questions regarding the combination of remineralizing the body while detoxing.

One of our customers who frequently uses an infrared sauna as one of their detoxification tools asked us about the use of our Ancient Minerals products – such as the oil and gel – while sitting in the sauna. After considering a response and doing a bit of research, I think that it’s a great idea, but I have a few notes and observations to add.

Firstly, while in the sauna, it is recommended that you drink fluids enriched with minerals to help replenish what is being lost through sweat – especially if you are doing a lengthy session. This is not something that I would trade for our Ancient Minerals, but rather allow the transdermal magnesium to act as a compliment to that.

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Allergic to Magnesium?

3 August 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

I recently had a phone call with someone who told me that they were allergic to sea water.

At first, I admit, I was a bit skeptical – but then I realized, why should I be…our bodies being the strange, yet wonderfully complex, biological systems that they are. So, I sat back to listen to the background on this completely new topic for me, and it really had me wondering. If someone can be allergic to sea water – which contains high amounts of magnesium chloride, on top of the more well known sodium chloride – how would that affect them in terms of transdermal magnesium use?

As with most of these conversations, I was instantly crawling all over the internet seeking answers and details on how this could relate to magnesium chloride use, and finding some very interesting information to share.

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Maximizing Your Magnesium Intake

6 July 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

We receive a lot of questions from our customers asking essentially “How do I know how much magnesium my body is actually absorbing?”

Well, you don’t.

100mg Applied, Does Not Equal 100mg Absorbed

Often, what people don’t seem to acknowledge is that whether you’re taking magnesium orally or applying it topically, your body will never absorb 100% of that chosen application. In fact, the body only absorbs 20-50% of ingested magnesium at best – meaning that even magnesium that is being obtained through food sources will not be fully assimilated by the body. Reasons for this are diverse and plentiful, ranging from improper stomach pH or digestive disorders to an unhealthy stratum corneum (outermost skin layer).

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Too Much of a Good Thing

22 June 2012 - Posted by Ashley under ,

Our society is one that thrives on conveniences and instant gratification. Because of this, we often find ourselves looking to speed up things that demand a slow and steady pace in order to function, grow, heal, thrive or even be successful. A fantastic example would be weight gain – something that may have taken a person years to put on, they try to remove in the course of a month. More often than not, this results in even more weight gain, stress, illness, nutrient deficiencies, mood swings…etc., as opposed to successful, healthful, long-term weight loss.

On that same thought, we also wish to inundate our bodies with nutrients once we discover a deficiency and make the decision to remedy it. Ramp up our dosage gradually? No way! We want it all fixed and better… right this very minute.

Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, our biology doesn’t work that way.

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Can I Get Enough Magnesium Through Food?

8 June 2012 - Posted by Ashley under

Although supplements have become part and parcel with health routines worldwide, many people still feel a bit put off by the necessity of swallowing their vitamins in pill form. Those with the motivation to use solely food sources for their nutrient requirements often find themselves embarking on a fruitless journey, becoming frustrated and food obsessed without reaping any rewards.

So, why is it that food is no longer providing us the nutrients we need?

Simply put, our agricultural practices have changed drastically over the years so that we are no longer utilizing sustainable farming techniques for long term benefits, but rather industrial farming for short term gain. Add to that the processing and refinement practices, along with our degrading dietary habits, and you have a recipe for failure.

In this day and age you can literally gorge yourself on many types of foods and still suffer from malnutrition.

The statement would be laughable if it weren’t so sadly accurate. Yet many consumers are unaware of this drastic drop in nutritional value, and doubly unaware of the detrimental effects of processed foods on the precious few minerals you do absorb.

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